AI / Automation

Iron Service Global AI / Automation Service offerings include chatbots, process orchestration, workflow automation and RPA.

Our AI / Automation service capabilities to enable Intelligent Service Desk provides omni channel experience that is agnostic to the collaboration channel that is used like MS Teams, Slack, WhatsApp etc., and is agnostic to the IT Service Management platform that is used by our clients like ServiceNow, Salesforce, Atlassian JIRA, Summit AI etc., The key differentiator for Iron Service Global approach towards automation is a seamless, frictionless exit experience for the end user.

From an infrastructure management perspective, Iron Service Global AI Ops capabilities provides cutting edge solution to auto detect events, anomalies and self remediate. We are at the forefront of modernizing IT Operations Management to consolidate diverse set of point tools to provide a layer of intelligence while leveraging the IT infrastructure of our clients.

Iron Service Global is disrupting the way Field Services are provided to the clients by enabling our workforce with platforms and tools that connects to the gizmo kit carried by the workforce to provide interactive work instructions in the form of text, video, AR/VR that fast tracks the issue resolution for our clients.