Our DevOps approach goes hand in hand with the Agile Delivery Methodology and we operate at the intersection of Development, Quality Assurance & Operations. The silos are broken down and we believe in one integrated team of developers, testers and administrators to work together from Day 1 to continuously build the software  and deploy to production environments. As such our DevOps management approach has four key pillars.


Encourage and govern constant collaboration between development and operations teams for a rapid quality digital initiatives for our clients. Our developers have a DevOps mindset.


Build automation framework for a CI / CD pipeline to develop, test and release apps to meet customer demands and for faster time to market.


We are seeing an increased need to develop and deploy cloud based applications. We are flexible to build and support on prem and cloud applications.

End User

We believe is superior end user experience if we get the first three steps right. We operate with a clear metrics & SLAs and always work towards the goal of increased tolerance for change requests.

Our team has the experience of working with 3rd party Devops tools as well.