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Why work at Service Global?

We have all the IT majors as our clients. We can help you be a part of global corporations.

We consider our candiates as our customers and it is our commitment to see every candidate progress in their career. We work with you to target your desired roles and meet your aspirations. In case you need advice on your career, we have experienced professional to be your sounding board. All you have to do is to reach out. Whether you are starting out as a fresher or a veteran, we have you covered.

Service Global is a truly global company and so are our clients. Join us and you can work everywhere, from anywhere.

Our culture

Supporting our employees is in our DNA. Wether you are looking for flexible working hours or time-off to take care of your family members, we are there to work with you.

Learning & development

We have a unique Learning Management System that help identify the gaps between your current skill set and the job you are targeting. Use that to identify the trainings and certifications you need and go for them.

Career Advice

We have industry experts with 20+ years of experience who can work with you to help you make career choices. All you have to do is reach out to them.

Our Value


In every transaction, we act with strong ethics. This reflects in our dealing with everyone inside and outside the organisation.

Commit to Excellence:

We strive to better our processes, technology and service every day so that we are best in class in everything we do. We hold oursleves accountable to excel in the field we are in.

Foster Relationships

We are in the business of building relationships. We take pride in our partnerships with our employees, vendors, customers and technology providers. We understand trust is the foundation of relationship and we invest in earning that trust.

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Our Commitment to You

Physical and Nutritional
  • Maintaining a fit & healthy lifestyle
  • Maintaining emotional balance and resiliency
  • Building financial security
  • Promoting continued learning and skill development

Career Growth

Join our Community to get connected to fabulous new opportunities across the world. Take our assessments to determine where you stand. If need be, we will give you feedback and help you prepare for the best companies out there.

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